Jeff Danker is Back!!

Jeff Danker is Back!!
May 9, 2016 Timothy McWhorter

Jeff Danker rejoins BuckVentures!!

Jeff Danker has been hosting hunting shows since the early 2000’s and has also made multiple appearances on shows like Realtree Outdoors, The Jackie Bushman Show and Realtree’s Monster Bucks just to name a few.  Jeff is mostly known for setting up his own farms, sharing Christ on a daily basis and just being a regular hunter. He loves going head to head with the most mature whitetails across the Midwest. And man has he killed some whoppers! He is also known as a guy who loves to share his knowledge and experiences with everyone else.

BuckVentures has been airing since 2003, with the motto “Shoot by Sight, Walk by Faith” based off of 2 Corinthians 5:7. Jeff and the crew are sure enough believers in Christ and they believe in chasing big whitetails across the Midwest as well! Jeff says “One thing we love is hunting our own leases across the Midwest. We also love setting up all of those farms and then going after certain animals…that’s what you get with us”.

Jeff will be co-hosting BuckVentures this fall along with Buddy Groom and Daniel McVay.  BuckVentures has been one of the most watched shows on the Sportsman Channel for several years and, now that Jeff’s back, look for it to be even better!!!   Air Times: Wednesday 9:30pm EST, Friday 5:00am EST, Tuesday 12:30am EST and 1:00pm EST.